In relation to COVID 19, the structure applies all the foreseen safety precautions. Bookings are accepted with reservations, without guarantee and only with a maximum of 3 months in advance.

In the heart of Turin, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the cradle of the 'Risorgimento' and the first capital of Italy, FLANEUR is located in a pedestrian area of the ancient Roman quarter, close to the most important places of religious, cultural and touristic interest in town and to the transport services for the ones out of town. These include the Cathedral, the Holy Shroud, the former Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama, the Egyptian Museum, the Cinema Museum and the Risorgimento Museum, the Regio Theatre, the Roman archaeological site, the Reggia di Venaria and the main shopping streets. Flaneur offers three rooms equipped with all facilities and a common living room, for reading and conversation. Recently restored with attention to energy saving, it's provided with a domestic hot water production system through a heat pump and with thermally and acoustically insulated windows.
The town lies at the foot of the Alps, at the mouth of the valleys historically traveled by Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne and Napoleon, formerly the host of 2006 Winter Olympics, easily reachable by mountains and winter sports lovers.

                                                    Turin at sunset


Distances by foot to some of the tourist attractions:


- 4 mins from Piazza Castello

- 7 mins from the Royal Palace

- 7 mins from the Cattedrale 

- 7 mins from the Egyptian Museum

- 15 mins from the Cinema Museum

- 16 mins from station PORTA NUOVA e station PORTA SUSA 


Flaneur, in the Piedmontese dialect, refers to those who "take it easy"; it  expresses our link with history and local traditions, it's a praise to slowness and an invitation to a relaxed holiday. For the Flaneur, Torino is to walk aimlessly around the city, abandoning himself to the charm of its history and its composed beauty and enjoying the flavors of its food and its famous wines: an experience that will make your stay unforgettable.