In relation to COVID 19, the structure applies all the foreseen safety precautions. Bookings are accepted with reservations, without guarantee and only with a maximum of 3 months in advance.


Legally our structure is of the non-entrepreneurial type, therefore we cannot issue invoices but only receipts.

There is no 24 hours reception service, the check-in time is flexible with advance notice from guests of their arrival time (Preferably by phone call some minutes before reaching). In case of arrival before 2 pm and/or temporary unavailability of the rooms at check-in, it is possible to store luggage, without responsibility for custody. In order to avoid any inconvenience for both parties, a confirmation, a few hours in advance, of the estimated time of arrival is also appreciated. Upon check-in guests are requested to pay the amount for their stay in cash (we are sorry we are not yet organized to accept payments by credit card). A tourist tax of 2.30 euros per person and per night is enforced by the city's law.

As a precautionary health measure, the staff wears a mask and the rooms are disinfected with ozone at each guest change. Normally, after disinfection, staff do not enter the rooms again until guests leave. Therefore, the daily tidying up of the rooms is carried out only upon explicit request, to be expressed by 10 am by hanging the special tag indicating that the room is free on the handle of the room door. Check-out time is flexible, however the rooms must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure, in order not to interfere with the expected disinfection. After this time it is possible to temporarily store luggage in the living room, with no custody responsibility on the part of the hotel.

Attention to the environment is a peculiar feature of the structure. In order to reduce energy and detergent consumption, linen is normally changed after a three-four day stay. In order to reduce waste, all disposable items have been eliminated. Containers for separate waste collection are positioned at the entrance. A hot and cold filtered water dispenser is available in the living room, aiming to reduce the use of plastic bottles and the energy costs of transporting mineral water. The domestic hot water is produced by means of a heat pump boiler which, in summer, also allows the cooling of the common areas. The windows are thermo-acoustic. We ask our guests to help save energy by turning off the air conditioners when they leave the room and the lights in the common areas. Guests are requested not to leave money or valuables in the room, as the property is not liable for any theft or damage. In order to reduce these inconveniences, the structure is equipped with a video surveillance service 7/24.